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Are you tired of dealing with persistent blocked drains? In your Perth property, don’t let this problem ruin your day! Say goodbye to clogged drains and hello to a smooth and efficient drainage system!

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Perth's Trusted Blocked Drain Plumbers

Clearing blocked drains calls for reliable, professional plumbers armed with the right expertise and equipment. 

In Perth, our trusted plumbers are well-versed in handling both internal and external drains, shower drains, and even blocked toilets. With years of experience under their belts, they have seen and resolved a wide range of plumbing system issues. 

They also conduct regular drain camera inspections to monitor and diagnose blocked drain problems, including commonly blocked drains and more severe blockages.

Available round the clock, our Perth plumbers are at your service to resolve all blocked drain issues promptly. 

They not only clear blockages in external drains and outdoor drains but also maintain stormwater pipes to prevent future problems. 

Choosing our blocked drain service ensures experienced professionals take care of your plumbing system, prioritising your needs and satisfaction.



Blocked drains can wreak havoc in both domestic and commercial properties, causing unpleasant odours, slow drainage, and potential property damage. 

Our comprehensive blocked drain services in Perth cater to residential and commercial customers alike, ensuring a well-maintained drainage system.

Using a range of techniques such as drain snakes, high-pressure water jetters, and chemical treatments like RootX, our expert plumbers effectively clear blocked drains. 

With our complete blocked drain repairs, you can trust that we will address the root cause of the problem and provide lasting solutions to keep your drains running smoothly.


Effective and lasting results for blocked drain problems necessitate specialist knowledge and equipment. Our skilled blocked drain plumbers in Perth employ state-of-the-art technology, such as CCTV cameras, to inspect and diagnose drain blockages. 

This allows them to pinpoint the exact location and cause of the obstruction, ensuring the most suitable cleaning method is used.

In addition to camera inspections, our plumbers use advanced tools like hydro jetting equipment and motorised drain augers to clear solid blockages. 

For more severe blockages, we also offer pipe relining services using cutting-edge pipe relining technology. 

This non-invasive and cost-effective solution repairs damaged pipes without the need for extensive digging or pipe replacement.

Our Perth Drainage Serives

To provide the best possible service to our drains Perth clients, we offer a wide range of drainage services, including:

Our comprehensive approach ensures that all aspects of your drainage system are properly maintained and functioning as they should.

blocked stormwater drain


Blocked stormwater drains can lead to significant flooding and property damage if not addressed promptly. The usual causes of blocked stormwater drains in Perth include:

Our skilled technicians employ a variety of tools and techniques to efficiently clear blocked stormwater drains and avert future issues. These include:

Regular cleaning and inspection of stormwater drains are paramount for maintaining and ensuring the proper functioning of your drainage system.

blocked toilet perth


A blocked toilet is not only a nuisance but can also pose a risk to your property and health. 

The most frequent causes of toilet blockage are excessive flushing of toilet paper, the disposal of non-flushable objects, and blockages caused by hair, paper, and other foreign objects.

Our professional plumbers tackle blocked toilets employing a variety of methods, including using a plunger and specialised equipment like a toilet closet auger. 

In addition, we provide preventive measures and guidance to help you avoid future blockages, ensuring that your toilets remain functional and hygienic.

blocked sink drain


Blocked sink drains can cause unpleasant odours and slow drainage, impacting the usability of your sinks. 

The primary factor causing blockages in 65mm and 50mm PVC drains is the accumulation of solidified fat in sink lines.

Specialising in clearing blocked sink drains, our professional plumbers offer top-notch drain cleaning services, using an array of methods including drain snakes, high-pressure water jetting, and chemical drain cleaners.

Furthermore, we provide tips and advice on how to prevent blocked sink drains in the future, such as refraining from pouring fat and grease down the sink and regularly cleaning the sink drain with a mixture of baking soda and vinegar.

sewer drain blockage


Blocked sewer drain pipes can lead to serious health hazards and property damage if left untreated. Potential causes of blocked sewer drain pipes include tree roots, foreign objects, and grease buildup.

To clear blockages in sewer drain pipes, our experienced plumbers leverage advanced tools and techniques, including drain snakes and hydrojetting. 

Regular maintenance and inspection, as well as prompt repair of any damaged pipes, are essential to prevent future issues and maintain a healthy drainage system.

blocked shower drain perth


Slow drainage and unpleasant smells caused by blocked shower drains can compromise the overall comfort and hygiene of your shower area. 

To resolve blocked shower drains, our skilled plumbers employ various techniques, such as plungers, boiling water, and a combination of specialised tools.

To help prevent future blockages in your shower drains, our plumbers can install drain covers to catch hair and debris, as well as provide guidance on proper drain maintenance.

With our expertise and preventive measures, you can enjoy a clean and functional shower without the hassle of recurring blockages.

pipe relining


Damaged pipes can lead to blocked drains and other plumbing issues, but traditional pipe repair methods can be invasive and costly. Pipe relining offers a cost-effective and non-invasive solution for repairing damaged pipes.

Leveraging cutting-edge pipe relining technology, our expert plumbers in Perth can repair your pipes without the need for extensive digging or pipe replacement. 

The process involves inserting a flexible, resin-infused liner into the existing damaged pipe, creating a new, stronger pipe. This innovative method is efficient, effective, and safe, ensuring a long-lasting solution for your damaged pipes.

Our Perth Blocked Drain Cleaning Process

Our Perth plumbers adhere to a thorough blocked drain cleaning process to ensure the most effective resolution of your drain issues. Our skilled technicians follow these steps:

  1. Inspect the drainage system using CCTV cameras to pinpoint the exact location and cause of the blockage.
  2. Accurately diagnose the issue based on the inspection results.
  3. Determine the best course of action to resolve the blockage.

Once the cause of the blockage has been identified, our plumbers utilise a variety of professional tools and techniques to clear the blocked drain effectively. 

This may include the use of drain snakes, high-pressure water jetting, and chemical drain cleaners. 

By following this comprehensive process, we ensure efficient and long-lasting solutions for your blocked drain problems.

blocked toilet perth
pipe relining

1. Locate the blocked drain

The first step to resolving the issue involves identifying the location of the blocked drain. Challenges such as pinpointing the exact location of the blockage, deep blockages within the plumbing system, and blockages caused by broken or misaligned pipes may be encountered.

Our professional plumbers utilize advanced tools such as CCTV cameras, water jetters, and motorized drain augers to locate the blocked drain accurately. This ensures that the most suitable method is employed to resolve the blockage and prevent further damage.

2. Identify the blocked drain problem – CCTV camera survey

In diagnosing blocked drain problems, CCTV camera surveys play an essential role. By employing advanced camera technology, our plumbers can accurately identify the cause of the blockage, including:

With high-resolution images captured by CCTV cameras, our plumbers can pinpoint the objects or damage responsible for the blockage, ensuring that the correct method is used to clear the blocked drain. This comprehensive assessment also aids in the detection of existing or potential problems with your drainage system.

3. Clear the blocked drain

Upon identifying the cause of the blocked drain, our professional plumbers employ various tools and techniques to efficiently clear the blocked drain, restoring proper drainage. This may include:

By employing these advanced tools and techniques, our skilled plumbers can:


Maintaining a healthy and efficient drainage system requires preventing blocked drains. To help prevent blockages, our expert plumbers recommend installing drain covers to catch hair and debris, disposing of food scraps properly, and refraining from flushing non-flushable items. 

Regular maintenance is necessary to keep the pipes running smoothly. Natural drain cleaners and professional cleaning can help accomplish this.

Adhering to these preventive measures and collaborating with our professional blocked drain services in Perth helps ensure the longevity and proper functioning of your drainage system, thereby reducing the risk of future blockages and potential property damage.

Why Use Our Service For Your Blocked Drains?

Opting for our professional and reliable blocked drain services in Perth carries numerous benefits, including:

Our customers have praised our technicians for keeping them informed throughout the process and for delivering high-quality emergency services by fully licensed and insured plumbers. 

With our expert services, you can trust that your plumbing system is in the hands of experienced professionals who prioritise your needs and satisfaction.

blocked toilet perth

Emergency Plumbing Services in Perth

Blocked drains, causing significant inconvenience and potential property damage, can occur at any time. That’s why our Perth plumbers provide 24/7 emergency plumbing services to address urgent blocked drain issues quickly and efficiently.

Whether it’s a blocked sink, toilet, or stormwater drain, our skilled technicians are on hand to tackle your emergency plumbing needs. 

By utilising advanced drain-clearing technology and equipment, we ensure that your plumbing issues are resolved promptly, minimising further damage and inconvenience to your property.


Send us a message with your plumbing needs and we’ll get in touch to answer any questions and arrange a visit to provide you with a quote.


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The service was great from the time I called in the morning to early afternoon when the hot water system has been organised for delivery and installed. All staff were so helpful…

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Frequently Asked Questions

This section addresses some common queries about blocked drains, prevention strategies, and our services in Perth:

  1. Question: What are the common causes of blocked drains? Answer: Grease, food particles, hair, wipes, and tree roots.
  2. Question: What are the signs of a blocked drain? Answer: Slow drainage of water, residues that are hard to remove, gurgling or sucking noises from pipes, and foul odours.
  3. Question: How do professionals clear solid blockages? Answer: Using a plunger or specialised equipment like a toilet closet auger.
  4. Question: What precautions can be taken to prevent future blocked drains? Answer: Install drain covers, dispose of food scraps properly, and refrain from flushing non-flushable items. Regular maintenance is essential for the correct working of pipes. Natural drain cleaners and professional cleaning can help maintain the flow of pipes.
  5. Question: What are the potential risks associated with using chemical drain cleaners without consulting a professional? Answer: Incorrect usage of chemical drain cleaners can lead to damage to pipes, particularly if they are aged or made from certain materials.

On average, the cost to unblock a clogged drain can range from $80 to $500, depending on the complexity of the job. More difficult clogs in toilets and other fixtures can cost up to $300 to hire a professional plumber to clear them. Replacing parts of the drainage system or replacing the entire system can range from $1000 to $20,000.

The responsibility of clearing blocked drains typically lies with the owner or landlord of the property where it occurred. In some cases, the local council may be responsible.

Yes, you can unblock your own drain by pouring boiling water into it. This can help dissolve and loosen the blockage that has built up, especially if it was caused by grease.

Yes, pipe relining can be used as a cost-effective alternative to traditional pipe repair methods due to its non-invasive and convenient solution.

Blocked drains can lead to an accumulation of bacteria, resulting in potential health risks and should be addressed as soon as possible.